Football fans praise Onana after asking for an interview to apologize to teammates

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Football fans united in praising Manchester United goalkeeper. Andre Onana for requesting a personal interview with the media after last night’s UEFA Champions League game.

Football fans praise Onana after asking for an interview to apologize to teammates

   Andre Onana has issued an apology to his Manchester United team-mates. After he made a mistake in the game against Bayern Munich . The goalkeeper was recently bought from Inter Milan for a fee. The £47m figure was heavily criticized earlier this week. Because Manchester United have conceded 10 goals in five games in the Premier League and Onana came under the spotlight last night (Wednesday, September 20, 2023) when he failed to make a crucial save from Lee’s shot . Roy Sane in the 4-3 defeat in the UEFA Champions League at the Allianz Arena.

           His mistake put the hosts ahead 1-0 in the 28th minute, with Sane attacking on the right side from just outside the penalty area. Passed the ball off Harry Kane and then hit it with his left hand without touching it. The ball flew straight towards Onana. But the Cameroonian goalkeeper made the mistake of receiving the ball and splashing through his arms into the goal. In an interview with TNT Sports after the game, Onana admitted that it was He called it “my worst game” but praised his team-mates for their efforts as three second-half goals almost snatched the points.

           Onana said: “It’s difficult to lose like this because in the beginning we started very well.” “After my mistake, We lost control of the game. “It was a difficult situation for us. Especially for me because I was the one who let the ทางเข้า ufabet team down. Today we didn’t win because of me.” Asked if he felt he had to prove himself to Manchester United fans, Onana replied: “Of course, I have a lot to prove. Because, to be honest, my start wasn’t good.” “Today was one of my worst games. And it’s hard because we have big ambitions. “It’s difficult but we have to stick together and learning from our mistakes is the only thing we need to do.”

           Despite making that mistake, fans praised Onana for admitting his mistake and coming forward to face the scrutiny after the match. It is reported that he himself was the one who asked to be interviewed by the media. Fans’ comments included, “Kudos to Onana for this interview”, “Onana shows courage and individuality better than most of the team’s players”, “Onana Should have asked for the interview myself. If it was De Gea, he would have gone home 😂😂”, “He takes responsibility for his mistakes. Wow.” 

 Manchester United manager Eric Ten Hag criticized his team’s defense. He said that the lack of consistency in the team’s performance has made the team’s overall performance worse. The Dutchman told TNT Sports : “I’m disappointed if you score three goals against Bayern. You have to get at least one point.” “We are in a time where many things are not in our favor. But we must not rely on fate. The more we rely on ourselves, the better.” “When we don’t stick to our rules and principles, We conceded a goal. Even though we played a great team in the last three games.”

           Ten Hag also spoke about Onana’s start to his career at Manchester United: ‘It’s good that he’s doing that. (Interview) But it’s about the team.” “Some mistakes were made. But you have to come back as a team.” “We have to believe that we can always recover…” ” Before that goal It’s too easy for that player (Sane) to score, so you have to be consistent to stay in the game.” “It’s in our hands, me and the whole team.”