How to count Som Sip card points

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No matter what type of card game, the indispensable thing is to count the card points. Som Sip has the following methods of counting card points:

  • Numbered face cards 2-9 have the same number of points as the UFABET face number.
  • Ace cards are worth 1 point.
  • The 10, J, Q, K cards have 10 points and can only be mixed with yourself. (same face but different suit) cannot be matched with other cards
  • Joker Card This card is like a free card. Can be matched with all cards except the dung card.
  • Poop cards are cards that do not have points. and cannot be matched with other cards have to leave alone The spawning of a shit card will only happen when the Joker card that comes out is not 5, 10, J, Q and K.

* The way to think about poo cards is simple, that is, cards that can be combined with joker cards in normal times can get 10 points, for example, 3 poo poo will be 7, or 4 poo poo will be 6.

How to count Som Sip card points

 Rules for playing Somsee

  1. The player who mixes all 3 pairs of 10-point cards first is the winner.
  2. 1 face up card that is a middle card will be called a joker card. It can substitute for every card except itself. Assuming that the joker card is issued 2, the 2nd face card can be combined with any card to get 10 points except 8 because now it is considered 8 becomes a dung card, whoever gets this card only has to discard it.
  3. All players are dealt 5 cards each.
  4. Each player can only draw 1 card from the pile or discarded by other players per round.
  5. In each round, the player must choose 1 discarded card after drawing a card from the midfield. So that the remaining 5 cards in the hand are the same.
  6. Only the cards that have been picked up are the cards that were discarded by the previous player.