How to play cards Only low card games can win.

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How to play cards Only low card games can win. In general playing cards, whether Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Pok Deng and many others, the only way to win is to have a card with a higher value. have bigger flowers. That probably doesn’t apply to Kaeng Kaeng, a card game that. Although it’s not anything weird. But it still has something to look for, especially the winning conditions that seem a bit strange until online casinos Some of them are interested in bringing them to open for service. But how strange it is, how to play? In this article, there are already answers waiting.

How to play cards Only low card games can win.

Where did the playing cards come from?

In the beginning, this type of card was originally a game for the southern people of our country, where the word “Kang” is a southern language meaning “tilted” in the circle of cards , often saying “Kang collapsed. In many areas Many companies have brought this UFABET type of card game to develop into an online game. to play along online casino as well

Is the card difficult to play?

Many people may be worried that this strange card game will have a complicated way to play or not. Say no. Using simple equipment, just 1 deck of cards with 2-6 players, each round takes no more than 15 minutes. As for the rules, it depends on the circle or the table itself. For this game there is no dealer. But there will be 1 player acting to deal cards instead. Each person receives 5 cards each.

After getting the cards, we come to score the cards in the hand. If it’s the turn that we have to play and think that the cards in the hand have low points and can hold, then say “hold” while turning the card face up on the table. Then the other players turn over their cards to measure their points. If our card is really the lowest point will be the winner eat all the pot but if there are fewer people we will lose immediately In which we have to pay money to the person who scores lower with money equal to the amount in the pool