How to play Somsip

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For how to play, there will be the following steps.

  1. The dealer deals 5 cards to every player.
  2. After all the players have received all their cards, the joker card is placed face up on the table.
  3. The remaining cards from being dealt will be community cards for additional draws.
  4. Players must match the cards in their hand to get 10 points. If there is none, then go.
  5. The first player draws 1 card, now there are 3 pairs (6 cards) of cards in their hand. But if not all have to choose 1 card and discard it face up on the table.
  6. The next player can choose to draw a card from the midfield or pick up a card left by the previous player face up. When mixed together, if you don’t win, you have to choose to discard 1 card.
  7. The other players keep doing the UFABET same until there is a winner.
How to play Somsip

Techniques for playing Somsip with joker cards, poo cards

If looking at each other superficially, it seems that we have to discard the poop cards away from ourselves quickly in order to keep other cards with ourselves. Which is only half the price. Do not forget that when playing Somsip, there can be only one winner. When 1 joker card has been placed on the table, 1 card is equal to now the remaining 3 cards. If it is not on any one person, it must stay. at the midfield While we’re waiting for a 10-point double meld, be sure to look for the remaining joker cards.

Do not accidentally leave it. because it can be used instead of all other cards Suppose if we have 3 joker cards in our hands, just sit and wait or draw any card. Let’s just say it’s not a poop card, and we’ve already won. But just getting one joker card, I’m pretty lucky. If anyone gets 3 of these cards, I’d be extremely lucky.

And now, the joker card is special in that if any turn comes out as 10, 5, J, Q, K, that turn will not have a poop card. But it also changes the properties of the cards. Assuming a joker card Q, normally if it is not a joker card it can only mix with itself. But in which turn it becomes a joker card? It will change the value to the opposite, i.e. mix all cards except yourself.

How are you doing with the method of playing Som Sip , which I think is not difficult, plus it’s easier than other types of cards that are available to play in Online casinos as well, which if anyone who does not want to gamble online can take this knowledge to have fun with friends because gambling games do not always have to end at placing bets.