Klopp reveals he’s not happy with the player despite beating Milan 4-1 in Dubai

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is reportedly unhappy with one of his players despite the Reds’ 4-1 win over AC Milan in a friendly in the Dubai Super Cup last night past

    Liverpool may have thrashed AC Milan 4-1 in a friendly match yesterday. But Jurgen Klopp is still aware of how much his team needs to improve. the second half of the season And it was so much so that the German coach yelled at Roberto Firmino during the match. After the Brazilian disobeyed his instructions. Despite taking a 1-0 lead in Dubai thanks to a Mohamed Salah goal. Which was followed by a Thiago Alcantara  goal and two Darwin Nunez goals. Pep wanted more and he wasn’t happy with Firmino.

Klopp reveals he's not happy with the player despite beating Milan 4-1 in Dubai

          According to the Liverpool Echo , the Reds boss shouted: “Faster! Too slow!” and ” Bobby! You know what to do!” toward his vanguard. It’s not something Klopp has to do often this UFABET season as Firmino is doing well in his recovery at Anfield. Amid reports Liverpool are keen on extending his contract, which expires at the end of this season.

          And even so, Klopp knows he cannot let his best performing players fall below their own lofty standards. And obviously this was felt among the team’s players as well. The team’s defender Andy Robertson recently admitted This meant that his team needed to get back to the level of intensity everyone had expected throughout Klopp’s tenure.

          “We work hard on pressing, counter-pressing. and our choice of rhythm Because in games we weren’t good enough sometimes and in other games we were half-pressing. (It starts to press or press after an opponent has crossed the centre-line),” Scotland international Robertson told Echo , describing Klopp’s anger at Firmino’s lackluster presence. The enthusiasm for the game against AC Milan was good. “That’s the worst thing you can do. Because if you do that before the game and you’re not 100 per cent ready, that’s when the teams can choose to play against you We have done that for a few games this season. 

  The 28-year-old left-back added: “If you asked a Liverpool fan or a fan of any other club, ‘how would you describe Liverpool over the last five years’ I think the answer would be. aggressive attack Because it’s very good Sometimes it’s not good enough this season, so it’s important that we try to get that momentum back and consistently make that part of our game the best we can.”

          “Sometimes we do it really well. but it’s about making sure We are all pressing at the same time and we understand each other. And we can relax the game and relax. Yes when it’s the right time. That’s why this week is really helpful. We’ve adjusted it this week. We adjusted that in the Lyon game. (The friendly game on Sunday December 11, 2022, which Liverpool lost 3-1) and I’m sure we can do the same again.