Melbourne derby canceled as fans attack rival goalkeeper

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The Aussie League was so chaotic that the game had to be cancelled. After a hot-tempered football fan came down to attack Tom Glover, the Melbourne City goalkeeper. Until he was bloodied in the derby match against Melbourne Victory on December

The Australian A-League football derby between Melbourne City and Melbourne Victory took place on Saturday December 17. Must be cancelled. When a crowd of football fans poured onto the field and attacked Tom Glover. The home team’s goalkeeper until he was injured. The organizers insisted that they would severely punish the offenders.

Melbourne derby canceled as fans attack rival goalkeeper

Chaos at the Rectangular Stadium took place 20 minutes after the game as the hosts were 1-0 up when supporters on both sides were displeased with the organizers for giving Final A. The UFABET League has been held in Sydney for 3 years and there has been an appointment to protest until the escalation. Fireworks were thrown down. Causing the referee to blow to stop the game to clear the field first

Mr City then walked to pick up the fireworks that were thrown behind the goal back to the stands. Causing the fans in the aforementioned side, who understood that it was the visiting team, to crowd into the field Then he attacked the goalkeeper by thrusting a steel bucket to the face until his blood flowed, forcing friends and security personnel to move in and escort the players, including referee Alex King , back into the dressing room. Before the announcement of the cancellation of the match 

The Australian Football League released a statement saying: ” Melbourne City v Melbourne Victory has been canceled for safety reasons. The incident did not affect the organizing of the other matches. A full investigation will begin immediately. And severe punishment will be imposed on those who committed this crime. 

Glover, who was escorted off the field in a dazed and bleeding state. Melbourne City officials said he suffered a concussion. But no progress has been made on his condition at this time, and former Dan Kansas goalkeeper Danny Vukovich said it was “absolutely embarrassing” for what happened tonight. irreparable damage It was the darkest day for football in Australia.