Special rules of card games

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In addition to counting the normal card points. There are also special rules that will affect winning and losing in 3 more cases as follows:

  • Case 1: When all 5 cards are dealt. There are players who get three cards. will be considered a winner immediately. If in that round there are more than 1 players who have three cards. They will have to see whose three cards are the biggest. that person will win
  • Case 2: When all 5 cards are dealt. If a player receives all 5 cards of the same suit, it is considered an immediate winner.
  • Case 3: When all 5 cards have been dealt, if a player gets a full 50 points (5 cards with 10 points, can mix and match), it is considered the winner immediately.
Special rules of card games

At this point, you probably feel that this UFABET card is easy to play, right? Hopefully this article will be useful to those who are interested in playing cards, whether it’s a band of cards near the house or according to online casino And finally, before parting, if you want to be a card gambler, you must practice, practice, play along with the discipline of playing as well. Then gambling will not be scary anymore.