The card king of online casinos

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play now online casino Which one does not have Baccarat cards to play. It would be strange to see. Because it is considered the most popular card with international rules. There are card dealers, known as dealers, who deal cards to the dealer (Banker) and the player (Player). While we have the duty to predict which side will win. Or if it’s a tie, then the dealer will take the points from both sides to measure. 

If we guess correctly, we will receive a bet back home. But if not, then lose the bet. Unless we bet on either side to win. But if the result is always. This one we will not lose the bet. And if we always bet, then the result is always This one wins up to 8 times the bet.

The card king of online casinos

For the method of measuring points, it is similar to Pok Deng , which is which side gets higher points or close to 9 will win. The combined points will use only the unit digit in the calculation, for example, the player’s side gets 7 and 9 cards, as if the combined result is 16, considered to be 6 points, but the dealer’s side receives 3 and 6 cards. Including 9 like this UFABET it is considered that the side dealer wins

But at the payout rate of Baccarat, if we bet on the player side and win, we will get a profit of 1 times, excluding the capital of 100 baht, profit of 100 baht, but if bet on the dealer side and win We will get a profit of only 0.95 times, excluding capital, bet 100, profit 95 because another 5 baht or 5% of the bet will be deducted as a commission. which there may or may not be here, depending on the table But most of them are often already together. because it is another source of income online casino