Vocabulary you must know in the card band

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In this type of card circle, there will be words or specific words as follows:

  • The midfield card means the card placed in the middle of the circle. All players can draw when it’s their turn.
  • Draw means picking up the midfield card.
  • Kang means to turn over the cards when thinking that the hand has low points. along with saying “Kang”
  • Follow means to discard a UFABET card following the previous player. Discarded cards must be cards of the same rank or same face only, for example, the first person discards a 7. When it comes to the round of the second person who has a face card 7 in his hand, he can discard the card according to the first person.
  • Out of hand means having only one card left in your hand. Occurs when the previous player discards a card. And we only have one card left. If this card is the same as the previous discarded card We will discard the last card accordingly, meaning “out of hand” or no more cards left.
Vocabulary you must know in the card band

Rules and scoring

Because playing, we use only 1 deck of cards and rely mainly on point counting. So the suit of the card does not affect the size of the card. Simply put, the same face value has the same value. Which each face card has the following values

  • A face card is worth 1 point.
  • Face cards 2-10 have the same value as face cards.
  • Three western cards J, Q, K are equal to 10 points.