6 healthy drinks, sipped often, can help reduce menstrual pain.

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I have to say that what is causing the torture for the girls. Most of them are menstrual pain. In some people, the pain is so severe that they can hardly walk and may have repeated diarrhea as well. But that’s okay because we have a solution for menstrual pain for you. That is drinking 6 types of drinks that will help reduce menstrual cramps.

6 healthy drinks, sipped often, can help reduce menstrual pain.

1. warm water

During menstruation, the loss of water in the body. Drinking water is a good thing to do to replace water in the body. but should drink warm water Because it will help the circulatory system improve the blood does not clot. At the same time, if you drink cold water, the blood will harden into tablets and may go to the spine armor, causing back pain in the future.

2. Ginger water

Ginger is a kind of herb that has a warming effect. The properties of ginger water can help relieve pain from muscle spasms. and also stimulates blood flow better Therefore, drinking warm ginger water So it can reduce stomach pain very well.  

3. warm milk

Warm milk can help ease menstrual cramps. Because milk contains magnesium that will help reduce pain as well. Therefore, in addition to eating foods that help relieve pain drinking warm milk a glass before bed It will help reduce pain for girls as well.

4. Lemon Honey

The properties of honey can nourish the blood and also reduce muscle inflammation. Lemon juice has vitamin C. and antioxidants that can help reduce menstrual pain Therefore, anyone who has menstrual pain should drink lemon honey. To relieve the symptoms itself.

5. Pineapple juice

Pineapple juice is another drink that should be consumed to reduce menstrual pain as well. Because pineapple is a juicy fruit that can replace lost water in the ยูฟ่าเบท body. and also has properties that relax the muscles Help reduce menstrual pain of girls. very well

6.Green Tea

Green tea or green tea contains antioxidants that can help reduce menstrual cramps. which some people may not know And may be a drink that many women like, but should not drink green tea with ice. Should drink warm green tea. And it’s better not to add sugar. But if anyone likes sweet, can add a little honey as well.

How are you? with a drink that can help reduce menstrual pain Therefore, following who has menstrual pain Let’s drink these drinks. Which in addition to helping relieve pain, it also helps to improve health as well. which can not be overlooked at all