How to play card games 

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To play cards, there are simple steps as follows:

  1. All players must place their bets into the pool. How many baht will be up to the player or rules set up by the table
  2. 1 player deals cards to the other players, starts himself and moves left or right. Until each player has a total of 5 cards here , online casinosSome places will use the method of dealing the first card first and see who gets the least points. That person will be the first person to start the game.
  3. When 5 cards have been received. The first player to get cards will begin to draw 1 community card and choose 1 card in their hand by choosing the card with the highest value. In order to have the lowest card left in the hand for holding or following other players until the hand is exhausted.
  4. The next player first sees if the card the first player discarded can follow.
How to play card games 

1.If you can follow, discard the cards that follow UFABET.

If you can’t follow, draw 1 community card and choose the card with the highest value in your hand and discard it. If the drawn card has the same value as the one in the hand, that card can also be discarded.

  1. The rest of the players keep doing the same if they think their hand is already very low. If you want to turn over, turn over the card on the table and say “Kang”, which will have to see if
  • If the draw then the lowest card is true will win and get money back
  • If it’s over, someone else scores less. The loser must pay to the person with less points equal to the amount in the pot.
  1. If the community cards are out before someone says “Chang”, all players must discard their hand to see who has the lowest point. and will have a winner in that round